Our Proven Process

"A successful sales process is about building relationships, solving problems and creating value for customers, not just pushing products." - Jeb Blount

Our Vision

Be the world's trusted connector of purpose-driven humans to solve any pain points to the mutual benefit of those we are privileged to serve

Our Mission

Is to help purpose-driven companies achieve their full potential by unlocking explosive business growth.

Our hunts are a marathon not a sprint that is why we always start by connecting and learning.

We have various levels at which we engage at but there are a few points that are always non negotiable.

  1. We must have alignment on values and goals.

  1. We need to be confident: In your ability to deliver, your competitive advantage and your ability to celebrate wins.

  1. We need to believe in your product and/or service as if it was our own.



Before embarking on the journey with your company, it is crucial to connect with you and do our due diligence. This process involves researching your company vision and mission, understanding your financial stability, business practices, and reputation to ensure that they align with our own values and goals. Additionally, connecting phase allows for open communication to establish expectations, goals, and responsibilities. By conducting due diligence and connecting with you as a potential partner, we can ensure a successful and mutually beneficial joint venture.


Scoping is a crucial step in understanding a product or service's point of difference before embarking on a joint venture. It involves identifying and defining the key features, benefits, and unique selling propositions that set your product or service apart from your competitors. By scoping a product or service, we can gain a clear understanding of its market position, target audience, and competitive landscape. This information is essential for making informed decisions about whether a joint venture is viable and how best to position the product or service for success in the market.


With us, you'll test the whale's appetite, qualify the alignment of the opportunity, and create a mutual pathway to approval. This is where we ensure your company and the prospective whale are a perfect match, setting the stage for a successful engagement.



We collaborate with you to assemble the right team, analyze the buyer's table, and define the metrics for the boat's performance. By leveraging collective skills and knowledge, we work towards securing the whale.


Our approach is designed to remove all fear through enrolling questions, creating a win-win proposition, and agreeing on contract specifics. We make the journey towards contract signing seamless, clear, and efficient.


Once the contract is signed, we anticipate potential spoilers and define the onboard process and meetings, ensuring a smooth transition and a strong start to the relationship with the whale.



We handle communication with the business about the incoming whale and align the reward system. By accelerating capacity and velocity, we ensure you are ready and equipped to deliver on the promise to the whale.


We help foster a fast-growth culture within your organization, encouraging you to make and keep promises and control any potential issues (barnacles). Honoring the whale is about maintaining and growing the relationship to ensure continued success.


Post-landing, we conduct a "lessons learned" session, help you communicate your gratitude to the whale, and explore future potential. Celebrating the whale is about acknowledging the success of the hunt and preparing for future opportunities.

Book a meeting with us today to initiate your whale hunting journey, and let's land those big deals together.

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